Sam Pashley - Personal Trainer Rugby

Who Am I?

A self confessed health & fitness geek fixed on all things exercise, nutrition and mindset. I believe that health and fitness revolves around movement, strength, endurance, improved lifestyle choices, nutrition, enjoyment all underlined by a happy mind. Fitness programs should prepare us for what life has to throw at us and leave us triumphant and feeling empowered in its wake! It is these beliefs that shape my unique approach to help anyone with health, happiness and performance

My Philosophy

My own training encompasses everything from heavy weights to bodyweight, Olympic lifting to gymnastics, kettlebells to yoga and everything else that promotes improved movement and varying intensities of exercise. I find value in progressing and developing my own health and lifestyle and through this have a passion for passing this knowledge and experience on to anyone who is willing to come along for the ride- whether that be in exercise, nutrition or improving your mindset.

My Journey

Over the years my approach to Personal Training & Coaching has evolved and I have began to focus on the things that make the biggest differences. My experience in the health & fitness industry has led me to focus on WHY and HOW we do things, not just what we need to do. This shift has the biggest influence on whether or not we actually get the results we’re after. I’ve been a Sports Coach, Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer, Personal Training Manager and have also coached new and experienced PTs- roles which have all had essential influence on my practice to get the best results in and outside of the gym.

Quals & Certs

  • Ba (Hons) Applied Sports Science & Coaching

  • Personal Trainer level 3

  • Precision Nutrition Coach

  • NLP Master Coach

  • Further certifications in TRX, Kettlebells, ViPR & Powerplate

Need some more info? Just ask!