20 Unorthodox Fitness Tips


Jet lag is still getting me up early, so whilst i'm awake at a silly hour here are 20 slightly not-so-typical fitness tips.

1. When setting a goal, understand your own values (what’s important to you at the deepest level).
2. Don’t worry about always eating ‘healthy’.
3. Make room for fun... everyday.
4. Go the f*%k to bed.
5. Wake up at the same time everyday- even at the weekends.
6. Enjoying your training is more important than the type of training you do, you’ll do it longer and more consistently.
7. Superfoods aren’t really that super.
8. Stack desired behaviours on top of established habits.
9. Move towards fear (unless it’s an actual threat obvs).
10. Protect your confidence (count wins not losses).
11. Walk barefoot more.
12. Tune into your hunger/ satiety cues.
13. Climb a tree.
14. Listen to how you talk about yourself (in your head).
15. Sugar isn’t the devil, but you might eat too much.
16. Intensity is good.
17. Weight change isn’t complicated, we are.
18. Simplicity is usually the way to go.
19. Be on your own side (practice self compassion)
20. Setting a structure and guidelines around your eating often gives you the nutritional freedom you’re looking for whilst also seeing results.
21. Ask yourself- ‘what positives am I getting out of this unwanted behaviour/ negative circumstance’. It might be the key to finally making that change.

What would you add to the list? Drop an idea in the comments...

(Yes I know there are 21 tips...)