How to stay motivated...

If you’re reading this then I might be right in assuming you’d like more motivation…


In fact I’m pretty sure that most people, if given the option, would take some extra drive towards what it is they want.


Because it makes sense that with extra motivation its just a matter of time until we hit what we’re aiming for right?!


Well maybe not…


Of course having motivation is a good thing, especially when it comes to kick starting your journey- we’ll always take more over less. But the thing with motivation is, sometimes its there and sometimes it just isn’t.


We all experience the peaks & troughs


At 5:30am your motivation to head into the gym and train might not be as high as it would be at 5pm for instance. Yet many people, despite not feeling motivated at that point still do the work


So what’s the difference?


Firstly, the understanding that our motivation levels will inevitably fluctuate- for all of us- is key. If we can take this on board then we can start to take steps towards improving the actions we make when motivation is lacking


It may often seem that some people are lucky and have excess motivation- and these tend to be the high achievers. Whereas others don’t have a lot of it- and these people tend to be less successful.


But in reality what we see is some people that are extremely committed to getting a result and others that are not

“Committed people get things done, even in the absence of motivation.” Craig Harper 


And so instead of asking for more motivation- the question should be- how can I stay committed to the process in the absence of motivation?


Or even- how committed to the goal am I?


If you’re asking either or both of these questions, here are my 3 tips for staying committed



Number 1- Get your goal right from the start.


Ask yourself- is this goal right for me?


According to Daniel H Pink, the author of Drive- for long-term success its important for a goal to be intrinsically motivated. Meaning you do it for your own reasons rather than an external reward, like for instance money, high fives or praise from others


In order to tick this box your goal needs to be:


-       Self-directed (your decision and what YOU want)

-       Progressive (show growth and progression towards mastery)

-       Purposeful (to make a positive impact on your life and others around you)


It is also beneficial to think of WHY you want your goal as these deep-rooted emotional ties to the outcome are the real reasons for your actions


Are you doing it to boost your confidence? To improve your relationships? To inspire your kids? To challenge yourself? To prove your worth to yourself?


“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion” Simon Sinek, Start with Why.



Number 2- Change the story you tell yourself in your head


How we view ourselves is everything!


Unfortunately something I see very regularly both in and out of the gym is people limiting their progress by what they tell themselves each day


“I’m not good enough”

“I can’t do that”

“I won’t be able to do this”

“This won’t work”



Whatever we regularly tell ourselves becomes the reality that we create and so a continuous negative inner monologue can never be a good thing


If this sounds familiar then it may be time to recognise this pattern of negative self-talk and nip it in the bud when you notice it happening


And when the time comes when you’re having the discussion with yourself- Talk yourself into change, not out of it…


 “The self-image is the key to human personality and human behaviour. Change the self-image and you change the personality and behaviour” Dr Maxwell Maltz


Number 3- Accountability/ Jump in with both feet


My 3rd tip is to jump in 100% and commit to your goal without making any excuses. Sign up to an event or competition, tell your mates, just do it.


Whether you’re a CrossFit athlete, you want to run a marathon, you’d like to step on stage or whatever- Embrace the challenge and get moving


An impending deadline with people expecting you to show up is a brilliant way to create accountability for yourself


Another way is training with a partner or a group, which creates the perfect accountability environment. And if you’re working towards the same outcome or competition- even better!


*Side note- My favourite way of creating extra accountability is to agree on a reward for successful completion of the goal and a consequence/ forfeit for if the target is not met. This works very well in a group of people working towards the same thing


Final Words


In order to make the changes you want, to stay committed to a goal or consistently act a certain way you have to change your MINDSET (I’ve heard this phrase or similar a million times!)


And its true!


Think of your favourite athlete, successful businessman/woman or someone at the top of their game right now- what do they continuously tell themselves each day and how would they act in a moment of demotivation?


Firstly they’re 100% committed to the process. Secondly, they just get shit done despite how they feel or whatever may be getting in their way

The more we practice staying true to our commitments and acting without the need for motivation, the stronger our habits towards success become.  The stuff we ‘should do’ becomes the stuff we just do

“Motivation will die, let discipline take its place”