Turn your 2016 failures into 2017 success!

As we leave another year behind it seems the perfect time to reflect on the past 12 months as well as look ahead to 2017 with excitement & expectation


We hope your 2016 has been one to remember (for all the right reasons) and even if it hasn’t, it doesn’t mean all is lost


Here are our quick tips to make sure you put yourself in the driving seat starting from NOW, whether you’ve been successful with your endeavors or not up to this point 


1.     There is no failure!

No matter how many times we say this it can’t be driven home enough. To get ourselves in the right mindset for growth, success and goal achievement it starts with accepting that ‘failure’ is a part of the process. It helps us to learn. It helps us to adapt. And it helps us to consistently move forward on the way to success- whatever that means to you!


Once you free yourself from the fear of failing/ falling short(which is inevitable) you’re free to take action without hesitation.


2.     Did you set the right goal?

Goal setting is used, abused and misunderstood. Setting the right goal keeps you motivated and committed to the process, the wrong goal will do exactly the opposite. Here are some questions to think about your previous plan of action:


-       How much time did you spend planning your goal?

-       How specific did you get with your outcome?

-       Did you think about WHY you want this goal? As in, really think about this?

-       Did you recognise that you may need help to reach this goal and then seek that help?


*Look out for some more information on goal setting imminently


3.     What didn’t work?

What got in the way of your progress by either stopping or slowing you down? Did you foresee this happening?

Its important to learn from what has held us back, because as we know repeating mistakes is really the only mistake we can make. 


4.     What did work?

What can you replicate that has worked well for you this year? Do more of this!


5.     Why will this year be different?

What reasons can you give that will result in this year being a success or maybe even more successful? As individuals we have everything we need in order to achieve what we want- it speaks volumes to recognise what these attributes are. Too often we find ourselves focusing on the negatives and what we have failed to do, lets change this. Appreciate the positives and give reasons as to why this year will work for you!